About Rejoicing in Truth

Rejoicing in Truth Logo Green BackgroundRejoicing in Truth is the Bible teaching ministry of Jared Byrns, who serves as the Pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Seminole, Oklahoma. He began the ministry in July 2010, using the website to share information related to the messages he was preaching on Sundays. Since then, the ministry has grown to embrace new tools and technologies to provide Biblical teaching to wider audiences.

  • The daily Rejoicing in Truth Podcast: launched in 2011, this podcast features 20-40 minute recordings of Jared’s Sunday morning and evening messages. Monday-Friday at 8 AM, Central (available on iTunes, on Google Play Music, and at RejoicingInTruth.com)
  • Apologetics videos, dealing with subjects like the reliability of the New Testament and the historicity of the Resurrection, released as available
  • Free eBooks designed to educate and equip believers
  • Evangelistic literature in multiple languages, which can be printed and distributed freely
  • Books, including Unwitting Crusaders (on Islam) and the upcoming book, Assembling the Scripture Puzzle (which helps readers understand the Bible as a cohesive work)

The name of the ministry is taken from III John 2-4, reflecting the great joy expressed by the apostle John when he found that his followers walked in the truth. Rejoicing in Truth has a similar aim: Challenging believers to live their lives by the truth of God’s Word and to find joy in showing others how to do the same.

Rejoicing in Truth is presents Biblical teaching from a theologically-conservative, Baptist perspective, and is used in over 120 countries and territories.

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