A Vision of Commitment

“How will we follow through?”

It is no secret that the institution of marriage is in real trouble in the Western world. To see evidence of this, one need look no further than the Hollywood elites in the entertainment industry. Couples can meet, fall madly in love, marry, separate, and divorce in only a matter of months. One pop culture icon even made national headlines with a marriage lasting about 24 hours!

And those are just the people who actually find the time to make it to the altar. Cohabitation outside of marriage is increasingly common. Couples are deciding more and more to live together for a while in a counterfeit of marriage, content with the knowledge that when things don’t work out a U-Haul truck can be there to pick up the pieces.

Marriage used to be a lifelong commitment; now it is an optional and reversible arrangement.

But before we pass judgment too quickly, we need to realize that these problems with marriage are merely symptoms of a deeper problem: unwillingness to commit to anything greater than and outside of ourselves. And too often God’s people are guilty of this non-committal attitude.

What if we only found time to serve God when it was convenient? if we went to church only when we felt like it? if we told others about Christ only when it was comfortable? if we lived and acted like Christians only when it was easy? Could we really say then that we were committed to God?

Absolutely not!

We can spend years seeking God’s vision—asking Him who He wants us to become and what He wants us to do—and never act on it. Seeking His vision without acting on it is like entering a marriage by giggling and crossing our fingers during the “’til death do us part” portion of the ceremony.

James tells us:

“A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.” (James 1:8, KJV).

We are double minded in regards to God’s vision for our lives when we are unwilling to commit to following through with it. The Bible is clear that this is an undesirable and chaotic way to live.

Following God is not always easy, or fun, or convenient, but there is a peace of mind that comes with committing wholeheartedly to follow God. We no longer have to worry about whether or not we’ll follow Him in a given situation; we will already have settled that question, freeing us up to take the necessary leap of faith.

Pray that God will give us the willingness to commit to His vision as He reveals it to us.

NOTE: This article was written for the bulletin at Peniel Missionary Baptist Church, introducing a series on seeking God’s vision for the future.